The Fall Of The Wall

It will be 20 years tomorrow since the Berlin Wall was torn down amidst the protest of the east side for freedom.  My morning newspaper is making a big deal of the history of the Berlin Wall, with ten pages of stories and illustrations from the day it was built, torn and how significant it is now for the people.  Darn, I wasn’t born yet when the east side of Berlin started to build the wall in 1961.  And by the time it was razed in 1989 I was already in college studying to be a teacher.  But my mind was not completely focused on the event when the people shouted in jubilation because it was the same year when my beloved father died.  A month and a few days after the fall of the wall, my father succumbed to death. Not because he was devastated or overjoyed about the event, I wouldn’t know he’d feel about it but he died due to prolonged illness.

I didn’t think of relating this event with my father but somehow, reminishing the fall of the wall has led to another event to be reminisced.  I was trying to remember where was I and what did I do during that time when the year 1989 suddenly poked me and I exclaimed in the back of my mind, “Oh, my God!” and started to recall the days that were.  How ironic how the fall of the Berlin Wall reminded me of my father when today is also Father’s Day here.  Jesus Christ!  How all these things just popped in my mind while writing.

Anyhow,  back to the Berlin Wall,  part of it is still standing in the city and tourists visiting there can imagine how thick and high the walls that used to divide the city of Berlin.  Now it’s there to remind the history behind it.

The Berlin Wall in the background

The Berlin Wall in the background

Ruins of the Berlin Wall

Ruins of the Berlin Wall

 That’s how the ruins of the wall looks now.  My father could have seen me with these pics if he’d still be alive.  But I’m really surprised how that year gave me a back-to-back memory of the past, both of the world and of my life.  How about you?  Where were you and what did you do when the Berlin Wall was fallen down on November 9, 1989?


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    Say Hello to Beth from me diay….
    na-a sya blog? missed her dugay na sad mi wala nag-kita kita…

    agoy nag-lisod gyud ko ug pangita sa imo comment botton..

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      Dana, it’s really good that it’s in the newspaper, cos it reminds all of us, even those who were not yet born at that time to learn something from it.

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    November 9, 1989? I was 12 years old then, grade 6. Nasa probinsya at walang kamalay-malay sa mga nangyayari sa ibang parte ng mundo. Buti na lang may history subject nung high school.

    Ngayon or kahapon pala ang Father’s Day jan? Di pala pare-pareho?
    .-= Amor´s last blog ..Pretend Play =-.

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    It was all over the danish TV cause I think Denamrk is connected to the mainland Europe via Germany and its very important in European history. Remember the cold war and the communism it was just like a thing of the past but Europeans learned a lot from their history (war etc.)
    I have a couple of German friends who families were separated by the wall and it was too painful to hear what they had been through.
    While me 20 years ago I was trying hard to pass all my subjects in the University and that was a battle I won. :)
    20 years ka na pala walang tatay ako naman few months pa lang but see you will never forget them.

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      You won the battle and now you have a history, too, hahaa! Yes, 20 yrs na at muntik ko pang nakalimutan na 20 yrs na pala. Pero siyempre di ko nakakalimutan papa ko.

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    i wasn’t born yet when the berlin wall fell. but i do watch ww2 documentaries and how that wall came about. it’s a good thing that communism didn’t survive in europe. democracy for me is the best form of government as it respects our birthright for private ownership…

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