Lemback.com is a personal travel blog of Marlene and Leif Lemback. They both work full time but they spend most of their work-free time traveling mostly in Europe. They started traveling together in 2001 on a road trip through some cities in Europe and since then traveling seems a valuable lifetime experience for them as a couple.

The Writer

Me-2010Marlene Lemback is the writer of Lemback Blog. She is inspired by her hubby’s knowledge in web design, thus she started to create this site in 2001 as her stepping stone to learn the basic of internet language (HTML). Her purpose then was to have a personal website with limited exposure to friends and relatives. But the explosion of blogs and the birth of blogosphere is quite irresistible that she decided to migrate this site to WordPress in 2007 and use its CMS-based system.

A blog is nothing but a dot in the web if without visitors so she decided to make this site public by joining in the different blog communities and social networking. She is happy with her engagement in blogging and she’s loving every moment spent in writing her thoughts.

Marlene graduated from the University of Mindanao with a Degree of Bachelor of Secondary Education. She worked as a teacher for five years and two years as a Head Teacher in Davao City, Philippines. She and her husband are presently residing in Sweden. She has been working as a Mother Language (Filipino) Teacher in the country since 2005.

Leif and Marlene (LeiMar) Lemback

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