Hotel Mollberg – From Inn to Elite

Traveling includes staying in a hotel and finding one is just a click away these days. My travel partner normally takes care of this matter when we plan to go somewhere. He basically has the name of a hotel in mind and finding the location is just a little problem for him. Just like this hotel in Helsingborg, which he knew from the past. Known before as Hotel Mollberg, it started as a simple lodging or inn for guests and travelers in the 1300’s. The old building has been replaced with a two-storey house with a basement in 1814. It is still standing with pride until now. It has been run by Elite Hotels since 1990, thus acquiring the name, Elite Hotel Mollberg.

Elite Hotel Mollberg

I don’t know how the other rooms look like but this is what we got when we booked our room. A suite furnished with modern equipments but it has the look and feel of an old-fashioned style.

Elite Hotel Mollberg Matrimonial Suite

Elite Hotel Mollberg Suite

Elite Hotel Mollberg Suite 129



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