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I am overwhelmed and proud to have this new theme on my blog, especially that it’s created for me by my long-time online friend, Amor. Perhaps we share the same hobby-net surfing, which drew us to find each other’s site. That was before we started to get engaged in blogging. Four or five years ago, I discovered her site on a community site I can’t remember anymore. I was impressed about her design and signed her guestbook the first time I visited her website.  Since then we started to visit each other’s site though the only contact we could do was through our guestbook.

Our entry to blogging has given way to a more engaging contact.  She’s even the first person in the blogsphere who tagged me way before I knew what it was all about.  You see, friendship is just a net away for us.  Now, before I get dramatic and plunge you into tears while reading this post, let me instead tell you about this theme.  It has been her desire to create a Wordpress Theme for public download.  Although she created her theme on her blog a long time ago, it’s only now that she created one for others, well, for me to start of.  I’ve told her I’d love to use her theme someday.  And here it is!  Soon she will be publishing themes for public download, perhaps on her new site which she calls her wordpress theme playground.

I did not do much of this theme, unlike my previous themes, because she already placed all what I had on my sidebars including the adsense.  This theme spoon-fed me which gave me less work and all.  And I couldn’t thank enough Amor for doing this to me.  Paano ba kita mapapasalamatan?  Hahaaa! Kanta nga yun, ano.

Amor's WP Theme
The proposed theme which she changed to the color I wanted.


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    Hi Marlene, you’re welcome, am touched naman sa post mo, hehe. That community site was GlobalPinoy.

    I’m happy to see this theme online. It’s enough for me that you liked this theme. Hopefully makagawa ulit ako before the end of this month. Exam week nila Sean kaya nagpapanggap akong busy ngayon hehe.

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      GlobalPinoy pala yun. Parang nandito pa yata sa favorites ko pero di ko na nabisita.

      Oo nga, eh, sa wakas nagamit ko rin theme mo. I’ll definitely stick with this kasi parang di nakakasawa ang kulay.

      Exam week din pala nila Sean, ganun din sa mga pamangkin ko sa Davao sabi ng sister ko. :-)

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      It’s easy as piece of cake, because she already placed most contents in my sidebar.

      I suggest a theme with money background, hahaa!


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