Welcomed With French Macarons

26 November 2012By 2 Comments

To be honest, I hadn’t eaten these small, bite-sized dessert until a few months ago when we entered our room at Sheraton Hotel in Stockholm. I didn’t even know it was called French Macarons. I learned the name on Pinterest when I saw some pinned photos which I thought kind of well-known to me.

French Macarons

I thought they’re just plain cookies but when I ate one I could tell it tasted like the macaroons that I used know since I could feel some coconut flakes in my mouth. Though when I ate another one it didn’t have the same filling.

French Macarons in the room

Too bad we only got four pieces. I know how to make macaroons but this one seems not easy to bake. But I want to try this French Macarons recipe I found and see if I can get it as it looks and tastes. As for the difference between macarons and macaroons ask Google. I did (laughs).

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  1. SEO says:

    I love macaroons, They are my favorite cookies.

  2. A French Macaron takes two almond flavored meringue cookies and sandwiches them together with a delicious filling.

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