Unusual Homes To Spend Your Vacation

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So it’s time to plan your vacation, but the regular hot spot at the beach is getting downright tired. You’re up for something more unique as well as an unforgettable experience. The following homes are not only of unique architecture, but also in spectacular environments that provide awesome scenery and experience.

Forget the family trip to Florida! Try out these unusual homes in which to book your vacation, and take plenty of pictures – the people at home just won’t believe it!

Mushroom Dome Cabin

Get primitive with a stay in a mushroom dome cabin in Monterey Bay. This cabin lies in the heart of oak and Madrone trees and is snuggled up to a Redwood grove. Not only can you hang out and sleep in this wondrous vacation home, but you can fill your days with hiking and exploring in the woodsy surroundings.

The cabin, described as semi-rustic, has a geodesic dome. Features include a loft-style bedroom, a mini kitchenette, a barbecue for grilling and a fully functioning bathroom. Although you’re in the woods, there are some modern comforts of home. The dome includes a flat-screen television and DVD player for viewing movies -regular TV just isn’t happening in this neck of the woods. Movies are provided upon request.


There was an old woman who lived in a shoe- and now you can too – or at least stay the night in one. This little treasure is located in Tasman, New Zealand. This giant guesthouse shaped like a boot (that doubles as a bed and breakfast) lies among flower gardens. Features include a kitchenette, bathroom, queen-sized bed and balcony. Breakfast is served each day of your stay.

Snowy Accommodations

Live like an Eskimo for a night or two at Slovenia’s Igloo Village in Krvavec. Beware: It’s a chilly vacation. Temperatures tend to average around 0 to 5 degree Celsius. Two igloos are available that sleep 12 people, but if this is a romantic get-away, considering staying in one of two romantic igloos for couples. Beds are made of blocks of snow and are covered with sheepskin.

A sleeping bag is the top layer of all the beds designed to keep you warm and toasty in the cold weather. If that’s not enough to keep your inner temperatures rising, visit the sauna, which is a featured amenity on the igloo village property. Also located nearby is an igloo-themed restaurant and bar.

Take Flight on Vacation

Why settle for a boring hotel room when you can rest your head in a refurbished 1965 Boeing 727 in Manuel Antonia, Costa Rica. The Boeing 727 Fuselage Suite at the Hotel Costa Verde sits on a pedestal 50 feet in the air, overlooking the ocean and a jungle. The plane’s right wing has been replaced with a hardwood deck for a perfect place to gawk.

The inside of this unique vacation home featured hand-carved furniture, two air-conditioned bedrooms each with a private bathroom, a flat screen television, kitchenette, dining area and terrace.

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