Top Casinos to Visit When Travelling in Asia

For anyone travelling to the continent of Asia, there are numerous casinos which should be included in one’s travel itinerary. Many of the casinos found in the region are some of the most breathtaking and luxurious casinos found anywhere in the world. Of all the countries within the continent, Macau is definitely the leader in casino gaming. However, barking at its heels is Singapore which comes in a very close second. While Singapore only has two casinos, they have definitely gone for quality over quantity.

Lighting up the skyline is the Marina Bay Sands Resort. With a unique design featuring three towers with an infinity pool resting on top like a surfboard, the casino resort attracts people from all over the world. The infinity pool located atop the towers is 57 stories from the ground which provides not only a terrific place to swim and relax but an optimal vantage point from which to behold the city below. Visitors here can also take in the largest light and water show offered anywhere in the region. Shoppers can also expect top of the line shopping with a man made canal offering transportation between stores via a traditional Asian sampan.

The second Singaporean casino is found on the island of Sentosa. The Resorts World Sentosa also integrates the casino with other amenities. For instance, a theme park by Universal Studios is found here which is the first of its kind built on the Asian continent. Another distinction held is the presence of one of the largest sweet shops found anywhere in Asia, Candylicious. If you have a sweet tooth, they definitely have something to satisfy it. Over a year ago, a water park also opened within the resort, known as Equarius. Another new addition is the Marine Life Park which features the largest oceanarium found anywhere in the world. With so much to offer, the Resorts World Sentosa could keep travelers rather busy.

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    As I am a casino lover, I liked your post a lot. Thanks for sharing this information as I am going to Singapore with my family by the end of this year.

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      Marlene says

      Hi Peter,
      Thanks for liking this post. Singapore is one of the countries that hubby and I love a lot. Good luck on your casino play when you’re there. I’m sure your family will enjoy the Sentosa island, too.

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