Too Many Melons But One

I am not really a fruit eater and I can live a day or days without eating fruits.  This is even true with hubby.  When we are doing the grocery, we don’t stay long at the fruit and vegetable section. Sometimes we just pretend to like some like banana or apple but these would only get rotten in the fruit bowl. The only fruit we always thought of buying is orange but we don’t eat it. We press three or four of them to have fresh orange juice instead. We both like tropical fruits though but eating one a day is absolutely out of the question.

Speaking of tropical fruits, it so happened along time ago we both had this unusual liking for a melon. We took one sort from the different melons in the section. Back home, we sat and grab piece by piece of that melon while having a conversation. Then we kept quiet, stared at the melon and started talking again. Until I could no longer help it but said that it tasted like acetone. He agreed to me and he said again that it tasted like acetone. And how the hell we said it tasted like acetone as if we really have tasted an acetone. Eeeh! Who would want to try to get a drop of acetone in the mouth! But that was how our tongue interpreted the taste of the melon.


cantaloupe or muskmelon...this is the one!

A few days ago, I was tempted by the different kinds of melons in the fruit section so I thought of buying one. But I could not seem to remember which one tastes like acetone as it was years ago when we had it. Without hesitation, I took the one above. But the moment I smell it after cutting, I realized it was the one that tasted like acetone. Even hubby said, “that’s the one” when he got a bit in his mouth. After searching, I learned that it’s a cantaloupe or muskmelon. I thought cantaloupes are those small round with yellow skin melons. I don’t like watermelons with red flesh but the one with yellow flesh tastes better to me. It’s just that I was hopeless to differentiate between the muskmelon and the water melon with yellow flesh. Now I know…


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Too many melons. All tastes good but one taste like acetone. Which one?


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    Still, nothing beats watermelons raised here in the Philippines. I hope you will agree with me Marlene. And oh, never knew that, may watermelon pala na taste like acetone. Thanks for this post and now I know.

    Oh, thanks for the nice comments on our blog.!!
    .-= Filipino Recipes´s last blog ..Insarabasab Sarabasab =-.

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      Oh, yes, of course. I don’t often eat watermelons when I was in Davao but we’d always have it on special occasions.

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    Hi Marlene,

    I am not a fruit lover either. I rarely eat fruit unless it is necessary for me to do so. For example, If i have fever, I will drink coconut juice and if i have difficulty in going to toilet, i will eat banana. Hehehe

    That melon you showed me in the photo? I don’t remember eating it before. It looks like a Melon vege than fruit to me. Hehehe…I am blur….

    But I do like watermelon and honey dew. I just cannot resist these two when people offer them to me. Hahaha…but the fruit that i hate the most is the dragon fruit and secondly, pineapple.

    Have a nice day Marlene.

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      I would say that after having a dislike for fruits, it is good you still have them. For me that persuasion does not come even when i have fever or any of the problems you mentioned.

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      It looks like a small squash, hehee!
      And coconut juice is also good for people who have kidney-problem.
      On the other hand, I like pineapple than any melon.

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    Even though I am not a big fan of melons, but in very hot summer days, having a red, juicy water melon is not a bad thing to me. It cools me down a bit. We don’t have that muskmelon here in our place, so no guess how it tastes!
    .-= Sourav´s last blog ..Get, Slate, Go – I =-.

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        It’s getting warmer here, too, and it’s probably why I wanted to buy this melon a few days ago.

        My first encounter with acetone was when I bought a nail polish remover. And yes, it has a cool effect on skin.

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    I have not been well for a long time and that is the reason could not come to your blog very often.
    I am not a fruit lover at all. I am like 22 now and weight is just 44 I would say that I should eat healthy food and most importantly fruits but somehow dont like the taste of it. I can have juices though :)

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      Oh, too bad. Hope you’re better now.
      You should try to eat vegetables, too. They’re also good for our health.

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    nah..ako sad wala hilig sa fruit oj…

    ganahan lang ko ani melo pag-ibutang sa tubig…

    wala gyud ko kabalo sa ilang mga taste kay ako nabalo-an tubigon man tam-is yong red nga dako mao ra toh..unya ang orange ibutang sa tubig wala na lasa…

    ha en fint valborgsafton…kram
    .-= Khim´s last blog ..Nordic Tradition =-.

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      Bitaw, katong pula man gud ang pirmi nako ginakaon sa Pinas. Karon diri kay daghan man lain-lain mao malito jud ko hain ang lami ug baho ug lasa ba.

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      Oisst! Kumusta ka na? Long time no see, hahaa!
      Haa! Sobrang bulok na yata ang mga melon na yun at hindi rin siguro mahilig sa melon ang may-ari.

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    i havent tasted acetone, so i dont know what it is about the taste, but lately im into fruits, i so love papaya and the melon you had the picture above, love melons that have been in the ref for 2 to 3 days, then sprinkle it with sugar… so yummy!

    With papaya, have some with a few squeeze of calamansi and sugar… another yummy treat! :)
    .-= sernan´s last blog ..5 Worlds Healthiest Foods =-.

    • 32


      Me, neither, but the smell gets into the melon which we thought the taste was. I have never tried melon with sugar, wonder how it tastes.
      I should try the papaya for hubby, he used to eat in the Ph before.

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        yup both of you should try it, its good for your body and helps digestion as well, i know you mostly eat meat up there but the good thing about fruits is its fiber rich, so it cleanses the body.. and you will feel refreshed….

        The other day, made a fruit shake mango-banana, and for snacks, melons and papaya…. weekend for my menu, Buko and Sweetened bananas( not sure whats saging saba in english)… yum yum!
        .-= sernan´s last blog ..Things to consider in Building a Bad Website =-.

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          Korek! Puro meat nga kinakain namin. Ang mahal kasi ng isda dito. Unlike in the Pilipins na pwedeng kumain ng isda araw-araw.

          Aww! Pinapainggit mo ko ha. :-)

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    Ay, bakit lasang acetone? Hindi naman yata ganyan yung nandito. I remember gumagawa kami ng melon juice noon, mas masarap/matamis yung juice sa part ng may buto kaya gumagamit pa kami ng strainer para masala.Then gagamit ng buko scraper to scrape the melon.
    .-= Amor´s last blog ..My First Broken Heart =-.

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      Oo, parang ibang melon yata ang nasa atin. Yung medyo manipis ang balat. First time ko rin nakatikim ng melon juice sa Manila. Ang red kasi ang marami sa Davao.

    • 38


      That’s good. I haven’t tried melon juice but I thought of making a melon shake this summer. I learned that rockmelon is plenty in Australia.

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