The Real “Buko” Salad

pinoy buko-salad
Buko salad in Davao

When I’m in my hometown, Davao, I can’t think more about anything but food. It’s one thing I missed the most when I’m away. Like this young coconut salad which we fondly call “buko” salad. I remember we used to shred the coconut meat and put it in a container to make buko salad. But now it can be mixed in its shell and it’s ready to eat. It’s fresher than when it’s refrigerated. Moreover, the fruits stay fresh, too. This buko salad have bits of mango, honey melon, papaya, banana and pineapple. And drops of milk to go with the fresh juice of the buko. Love it!


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        Here in manila, a popular dessert named Buko Halo-halo is being sold in Malls. I really love eating them. The concept is the same as above. The difference is the ingredients. They put ingredients of a special halu halo but using the coconut shell at its container.


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    Oh may gas, buko salad is my fave. Hindi ganito ang buko salad sa Cebu, sineshred sya at nilalagay sa ibang container. I like this idea na ilalagay sa mismong buko. Ang sarap tingnan!

    Kumusta, Marlene? Im back!!! 😀
    .-= Reesie´s last blog ..Hiatus Mode Muna =-.

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      Reese, oo nga eh. Ngayon ko lang din nakita ito dito sa Davao. Mas masarap kesa sa dating paraan ng paggawang buko salad.

      Uy! I can’t wait to read your story after sa hiatus mode mo. Welcome back!

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    waahhh inggit ako. gusto ko rin yan, haha. Pag umuuwi kami umaakyat sa puno ng niyog ang mga pinsan ko or manghihiram kami ng pang sungkit? Then doon na kami magkakainan. Fresh na fresh.
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      Amor, sarap talaga kapag may sariling niyugan, ano. Ganyan din ginagawa namin nung maliit pa ako, pero di ko na-try haluan ng fruits.

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    OH MY! Buko salad is my favorite! Dali padala mo dito. Gosh I miss this big time. Can’t find anything here that’s good enough for fresh buko. Hay, I’ll just dream of it! :)
    Kumusta pala bakasyon mo?

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      Maricris, kaya magsasawa ako nito habang nandito ako, kasi pagbalik ko’ng Sweden wala na, heheee!

      Bakasyon is ok. It’s not too warm here in Davao kapag July.

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      Hahaa! Jacob, just go and find coconut trees and pick the young ones and presto! You’ll have this buko salad if you buy some fruits, too.

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    @Marlene- I wanna to make this salad at my home. Pls tell me real quantity of ingredients in it. I am waiting for your reply.

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      Hello, sorry for this late reply. I’ve read your comments before but slipped my mind. Anyway, here’s how to do it. Please get or buy young fresh coconut. When you open it, don’t throw the water because you will mix the fruits with it later after shredding the coconut. The fruits are mango, pineapple, papaya and watermelon sliced into pieces. Add a little milk to suit your taste. Done. Hope this will help. :-)

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    Yesterday after reading this post i tried to make salad at home. It was good but not much better. It may be because of quantity of ingredients. I know that those are not balance.

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      Hi Ridi, thanks for dropping by…

      Ah, parang nilalagyan lang ng nestle cream kung hindi kasali ang katas ng niyog. Yun yong totoong buko salad talaga. Ito, fresh buko salad daw yata, hehee!

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    Hi Marlene,

    I love buko salad. But we don’t really make that here anymore. My mom used to make it when we used to live in the Philippines. I remember she would put the condensed milk and it’s really sweet. But guess when you put it together with the rest of the salad, it becomes saturated. So it’s okay I guess. Here in America, they don’t make their buko salad the same. In fact, majority just makes Fruit Salad with buko in it and that’s about it. I really miss the fresh buko.

    Anyway, I hope you have a great week!

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      Marlene says

      Hello Angela,
      Thanks a lot for dropping by.
      I also have a hard time making buko salad here and I don’t like condensed milk that much. Though I had an idea of adding cream instead but fresh buko is nowhere to find :)

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