Stunned By The Majestic Syracuse Cathedral

Seeing different church architectures is one of the attractions that people would enjoy in Sicily. The architectures range from Gothic to Baroque and they’re absolutely stunning. When we drove to Syracuse from Catania, we saw structures built a long, long time ago. And the Syracuse Cathedral was totally majestic before our eyes.

Duomo Syracuse

This Cathedral or “Duomo” stands magnificently at the Duomo Square (Piazza Duomo). This baroque style Cathedral was rebuilt in 1700 after the earthquake.

Syracuse Duomo - Siracusa, Sicily

The reason why we drove to Syracuse was to see the historical church of Santa Lucia but we didn’t know it was standing close to the Syracuse Cathedral, not even the Piazza Duomo (Cathedral Square) was on our list of places to see in Sicily.

Syracuse Cathedral at Duomo Square

Furthermore, the Duomo Square in Syracuse is worth the visit if you you want to take a walk around the magnificent baroque architectures. We did and the feeling was indescribable.


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