The Blue Train – Train À La Orient Express

When my husband heard about the Blue Train ( Blå Tåget in Swedish) he could not contain his excitement about planning a trip by the train. And for the first time we travel by train from Gothenburg to Stockholm. It’s not that we haven’t been on a train but it’s because this one’s different. It’s like the Orient Express, though we haven’t travelled by this train but we saw the movie, Murder on the Orient Express.

Blue Train - Blå tåget

The Blue Train or Blå tåget is just about à la Orient Express but without the special and sleep cabins since it does not travel overnight. What makes the train distinct from other trains here is that the pleasure of dining in the restaurant and relaxing at the bar.

Blå tåget restaurant

We booked on the First Class carriage, which is closer to the restaurant and bar. The trip from Gothenburg to Stockholm took about four hours. Though the view wasn’t so interesting because it’s mostly forests, towns, fields and lakes we liked the convenience of sitting at the restaurant for almost the length of the trip.

Blue train from Gothenburg

The Blue Train (Blå tåget) travels from Gothenburg to Uppsala and vice versa. It can also be chartered if travelling in a group. They also offer a package deal which includes an overnight stay in a hotel in Stockholm. For more details about the fare and timetable just head on to the Blå tåget website.


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    The fastest way to get around is of course, by a train. So far, the Eastern part of Malaysia has no train. It’s due to the hilly terrain that makes it difficult to build a railway track.

    However, when I was studying in West Malaysia, I used the train a lot to commute from my campus to the city.

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      Marlene says

      I agree and I like traveling on trains.
      Yes, it might be difficult to build railways on mountainous lands.

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