Ten Years Ago…

I missed the date when I was supposed to celebrate my 10th anniversary (if I may call it that way) of my arrival here.  But August is not over yet and must be the reason why I suddenly thought about how many years I’ve been living in this country so different from where I came from.  And Ack! I was amazed to learn that I have been living here for ten years. That’s right, it was August 7, 1999 when the plane I boarded on landed at the airport called Landvetter and the day I realized I was thousands of miles away from my family.  Ten years have passed by, unnoticed yet documented in my mind.  The first year was kind of struggle when I studied to learn Swedish the first time.  I felt like a preschooler who’s starting to learn the alphabet.  But it was worth the struggle.  The language is like a key to get into the society and I learnt to live with that.

Times are a changing (so goes the line of a song) and now is different from what I experienced ten years ago.  Every year thereafter was a  treasured memory  concealing the first.  But the first encounter is always the sweetest to recall, no matter how and what it was.  The pictures below were my first blah, blah ten years ago.

first snow encounter

my first snow encounter

my first classmate

my first classmate - swedish learners

my first Swedish teacher

my first Swedish teacher

my first Swedish class encounter

my first Swedish class encounter

my first elephant encounter

my first elephant encounter

The last one was actually my first visit to a Swedish zoo.  I have never seen an elephant in Davao so that was my first real view of the mammal, lol!.  I can’t recall seeing one in Manila Zoo either.  Anyhow,  life is full of  astounding and surprising encounter but the first could not be put to oblivion, just like all I had ten years ago.


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      Willie, I’m glad that your wife had such a wonderful experience to reminisce. I’m sure she does and she always have the pictures to keep her memories alive.

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    Yeah ang ganda nga talaga balikan ang masasayang nakaraan at sarap ulit-ulitin kung pwede lang. But time and some people change in different ways.
    .-= Joy´s last blog ..Wrinkle worries =-.

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    Flashpoints says

    It sounds good to remember old days. These are such unforgettable memories. Thanks to share with us.

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      Ako naman meron kahit paano, pero isa lang, yung sa elephant haha, at sa Manila Zoo.

      10 years ka na pala dyan Marlene. I wonder where I was ten years ago. Hmm, nagtuturo pala ako nun, it’s fun remembering those days.

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    business mobile tariffs says

    Picture are the best to remember older days. When we see these they remind us those older days which we had spent with our friend and relatives.

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    isang dekada ka na pala. Nice to see old pictures lalo pa pag mekhang nene ka pang tignan. Naalala mo din paano mag aral ng swedish language paanong pilipit ng dila mo parang kami dito.
    Ako naman nakakita na ng elepante sa Manila zoo kaya lang malnourish sila dito gand ang condition nila.
    Ganda ng theme malinis at simple as usual. Iba talaga pag may alam sa webdesign.
    .-= Ana´s last blog ..Bitchology =-.

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      Ana, ang tagal ko na nga pala dito. Di lang mukhang nene, ignoy pa pati. Oo, at tumatawa nga ako kapag nagsasalita ako ng swedish kasi parang ang kengkoy pakinggan, hahaa!

      May gumawa sa theme na ito para sa akin. :-)

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