Ten Reasons To Treat Yourself With Travel


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Social media may act like a boon for a lot of reasons, but it has also instigated people into splurging on their wanderlust a little too much. For the people who cannot afford, they probably satiate their love for travelling by looking at all those posters on pinterest and facebook feeds.
People have now started debating whether this whole concept of traveling to get connected to your inner self really does hold true. For the ones who like to live in their comfort zone and not stretch their ends, its just another activity for the riches; but for those who really see the gains one gets off of a nice trip, they really do know what it means to them.

Read on to know 10 reasons why you MUST treat yourself with the pleasure of travelling.

1. To boost your confidence
Travelling to a new geography helps you bring a sense of responsibility and gives a push to your confidence. The whole concept of going to an alien place, meeting new people and exploring new cities asks for a lot.

2. To develop your interpersonal skills
Every Time you head out, you are bound to meet different people. Communicating with them to understand the culture and place gives you the opportunity to learn and hone the art of taking initiatives and building networks. Next time you go for a trip, note down the number of people you went ahead and talked to; maintain a little diary of your experience while conversing with these people. You’d understand how it enhanced your ability to make those little talks with strangers.

3. To connect with your own self and understand what you really want out of life


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Has it ever happened to you that a certain place really got you thinking about whats up in your life? Or a silent moment at a scenic place made you realize how your dreams drive you in general. Especially when traveling alone, you get the quality time with your own self, which otherwise is almost impossible to get in your busy schedules.

4. Understand that you are your biggest support and your only limitation
Once you believe that you’ve got to understand yourself while traveling to all these places, you realize that in the most grim times, you are your own strength and your mind is your only limit. For instance, participating in an adventure activity can help you in overcoming a fear completely, which otherwise looked like the last thing you could achieve.

5. Become a better organiser
It takes no rocket science to plan a trip. But the little details that go into it, like allocating money for everything you plan on doing, scheduling your days, understanding what’s safe and what’s not; it all groups up to strengthen your organisational skills.

6. All that slogging at work deserves a reward
No brownies for guessing that travel does give you that break you deserve after killing yourself in the daily work life routine. For the amounts that our fast paced world demands of us on a daily basis, these trips give us a break which is deserved by each one of us.

7. To identify the diversity of cultures around the world
The world has become a smaller place to live in with the internet coming in. You can read about the different cultures, languages and origins of so many countries you never even knew existed. But having to explore them all by yourself is and always has been GOLD! Digg it will you?

8. To unwind and re-energize yourself
Too tired of the regular cafes for chilling at? Need more to unwind than just a beer at the regular bar? You’d rather be enjoying that beer with our feet in the waters of a nice beach. Go do it! Think of a place you’d like to unwind at, and feel the difference!

9. Well travelled people are a lot more smarter and better risk takers
Would you disagree if someone said that exploring places makes one a lot more smarter than the ones who’re fixed at their computer tables? Definitely not. When you travel, you are thrown open to the world and their ideologies. You gain some, you give some and it works really well for building your personality.

10. Your perspective towards life is more positive
Positivity motivates you to better your life every single day. But the source of positivity is different for different people. Some find it coming from their partners, while others find it in materialistic pleasures. Traveling, on the other hand is one source that everyone would agree to.

With so many life altering effects that a good travel itinerary can have on you, aren’t you consulting your atlas for the next trip already?

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Amanda Johanson works as a travel planner and blogger with Casamundo villa rental. Her ability to connect with her readers instantly through her posts and clicks has got her to the level that she is at presently. Other than blogging she also loves to cook healthy food and has turned vegan only recently.


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