Summer Solstice

22 June 2008By 5 Comments
Summer Solstice 2008

Yesterday was Midsummer Day and a holiday here, but this celebration hasn’t been so festive as the day before which is called the Midsummer Eve. It’s a celebration of dance around a flower-decorated pole, while the dancers wear a summer wreath on the head. But I’m not keen on that cos there’s something I always look forward to on midsummer day – the summer solstice – the longest day and shortest night happens. I always took a picture of how bright it is at 10.00-11.00 in the evening. This time, I was lucky cos no rain and I even captured a lone bird in the bright sky. :-)

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  1. BK says:

    A beautiful shot! :)

  2. femikey says:

    hi marlene, i got tag for u visit my femikey journey blog at title professions tag. thanks and happy blogging!

  3. Rozella says:

    Wow! That is extremely bright for that time at night!

  4. Farah says:

    oh, this is interesting. did you capture this pic at 11pm then My? It’s still so bright and picture well captured!

  5. Marlene says:

    BK – Thanks!

    Femikey – I’ve checked the tag. Thanks a lot for tagging me.

    Rozella – Yes, indeed. That’s how it is here in summertime. :-)

    Farah – I took that pic at 10.30pm. Yes, it’s kind of awkward to greet good evening or good night when the sun is still up. I have problems sleeping, too, hehehe. Sweden, as others call it, is the land of the midnight sun.

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