Spontaneous Are We

The Spontaneous Humans
Mama Mia! Am I this spontaneous?

Don’t say you aren’t, because as human as we are, being spontaneous is how we deal with our lives. Spontaneous are we, when we do two things at the same time. Spontaneous are our minds, when we think things beyond our plans and perform such acts that we sometimes thought conform with life. We are like actors, yet, acting spontaneously without constraint.

The highest and best form of efficiency is the spontaneous cooperation of a free people. — Woodrow Wilson


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        At nakaka-stress minsan ang pagiging spontaneous, hehee.

        Ganun ba, sis. Ito marahil ang result sa madalang na pag-post natin, hehee. Siguro post nang post lang kelangan at kung anu-ano na lang. Kainis naman..

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    Actually hindi pare-pareho ang takbo ng utak ko. Minsan paranoid ako sa organization (de numerong pagkilos) minsan naman spontaneous ako. Ewan ko. Ganyan siguro ang Gemini. hehehe!

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