Small Soft Stuffed Toys

These stuffed toys are so cute and they fit on the bookshelf. I’ve had them before the books started filling in our shelf. Now that they’ve no place on the shelf I put them on the row of books. In my mind I call them the cute bookkeepers. Literally.

small stuffed toys

I remember my aunt used to make stuffed toys and sell them to the neighborhood. She didn’t make small ones like these though. She would buy the stuff and draw the pattern and sew. I didn’t watch her make stuffed toys because I wasn’t interested in this sort of thing. I can’t even draw a little mouse, let alone drawing a pattern for the stuff. Lol!

small stuffed toys

I haven’t bought a stuffed toy in a long time. It’s not what will come to mind when I’m shopping. But I do get tempted to buy when I see one.

~ Mellow Yellow Monday ~


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    I do too since here in the US we could find it everywhere from the cheapest to the expensive one. But as you have said we have some favorites and sometimes I find it in the stuff toys so I have more than two stuff toys too. ^_^ Nice collection you have here.


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    Stuffed toys sure make for great decorations! I bought a small stuffed toy version of a dodo when I went to Mauritius a few years ago and I still have it.


  3. 7


    Oh my goodness. They are so cute! They look like they are doing a good job looking out for your books. I just can’t get over the fact that they are so cute.

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