Sing and Dance Your Way at ABBA The Museum

Who’s got the talent and who’s got that “A” factor? Don’t be shy to say you don’t have both because at ABBA the Museum you will discover you have. It’s just a matter of having the guts though. ABBA The Museum opened on 6th May in Stockholm and it’s apparently becoming so popular to both tourists and locals. Inside the museum you will get to see all things ABBA and some things you haven’t seen before that belong to the group.

Outside Abba the Museum

Outside it’s hard to miss ABBA the Museum because of this board. If you just happen to be passing by, why not get your face on one of them like what I did. After doing this you might be lured to stand in a queue for a ticket.

Inside Abba the Museum

These are some of the things you will se once you’re in. Real and cool things belonging to ABBA, from costumes to recording gears. You will see their gold (or platinum) records, too. And some things that I don’t know why they’re there, like the kitchen where there’s a view of the snow through the window. Lol!

Abba the Museum scene

One thing that I like so much in the museum is the feature to engage in singing and dancing and see yourself like you’re one of the members of the group. There are six places inside where you can sing and dance your way – The 5th member (top, right), the Audition, Your music video (down, left), the Challenge, the Dressing Room (down, right) which the machine failed to recognize my face, and the Quiz. You will see your performance on ABBA the Museum website and download all. Now I have my memories!

Abba the Museum Stockholm

The classic costumes! There are just so much to see at the museum and it’s worth the money, for just 195 SEK and if you want an audio guide and hear the ABBA telling their stories themselves just add 40 SEK. Too bad, hubby did not come with me inside cos he couldn’t stand the long queue to get a ticket. Nevertheless, my experience was great and I would highly recommend you visit ABBA the Museum whenever you’re in Stockholm.


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      Marlene says

      Their concert attires are on display. Yes, it’s about time to have a museum for their stuff. Exciting to see them up close.

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