Seeing Stockholm On Water

16 November 2012By 1 Comment

When you have this kind of a view from a hotel room it makes you feel like staying in the room for the entire period of stay. Perhaps it makes you dream about living in a flat having the same view. We stayed at the Sheraton Hotel when we visited Stockholm and this view was absolutely stunning from our hotel window.

Stockholm - view from Sheraton Hotel

I’d look through the window in the morning and the night and it dawned on me that a city on water was amazing. If it’s the rifht word to describe it. Bridges over the waters are a common sight but the entire city built on water is extraordinary.

Stockholm - from Sheraton Hotel window

I’m not quite familiar with the history of Stockholm but it’s a wonderful experience seeing this city on water no matter how it became like it is now.

View of Stockholm's water

My attempt to take a panorama image was dull. I took these pictures with my Samsung Galaxy Tab and I thought I would try the panorama feature from its camera settings. Nonetheless, almost the entire view from the window was taken.

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    What great shots. I have always wanted to visit there.

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