Revisiting National Museums of World Culture

This autumn break has been relaxing for me despite the paperworks I’ve needed to be done. But that’s the life of a teacher – working a little on school breaks. We’ve had to work for three days this week and yesterday, the final day, was a competency development at the Swedish National Museums of World Culture. The talk we listened to was brief but unexpectedly lively and instuctive. Going around the museum was, however, the most interesting part of the day.

At the National Museums of World Culture

I took a photo of this tram prototype. The green ticket machine the old one, probably the city’s first machine on trams and buses. It has been replaced three years ago with a new but complex one. I basically liked the ease of use of that one in the picture.

Swedish National Museums of World Culture

The museum guides took us to the fourth floor where we saw this prototype of the concentration camp. Kind of gripping presentation.

Museums of World Culture - 4th floor

This is something about a presentation of a testimony of a person about lynching (?). I’m not sure if it was about it. I thought I could read the text in my pc but it’s too blurry.

Inside the Museums of World Culture

My colleagues were looking closely on this area of the museum. Some eye-catching and interesting reads to ponder on.

Objects at the Museums of World Culture

My colleague and I were stuck in this here looking at the objects coming from different parts of the world. We thought of donating something from our homeland to be displayed here.

Having fun at the museum

On our way back to the ground floor we stopped and had fun figuring out how to make this skateboard chair. I was afraid it would break so I didn’t sit rightly. Lol!

I’ve been to this museum a couple of times and every visit I discover something new. Once I brought my students here on our Mother Language week celebration.


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    I haven’t been to a museum. O siguro nakalimutan ko na if ever, pero wala talaga akong maalala. Been planning to go to the National Museum pero laging di natutuloy, to think na 4 na taon ko rin dinadaanan yun galing sa school. Hopefully, one of these days makapunta.

    That’s a good idea, magandang magdonate dyan ng native products galing dito.

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