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1 February 2008By 2 Comments

frozen lake
photo taken by: Hubby Leif
A lake called Vastra Yngsjo in Gothenburg

I mentioned in my previous post that we have a mild winter and snow is still out of sight. This picture was taken in March 2006. It was like winter in springtime. But winter is not over yet, and there’s still hope for me to see more frozen lakes. This time, it should be snow all over the lake.

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  1. jessie says:


    simple things like this photo are very pleasing to my eyes. photography is one of my hobbies. ewan ko nga lang kumbakit helath and medicine and blogging ang blog ko. hahaha! i should have created a photo blog.

    this shot is something i can’t take in real life because there’s no snow here in the Philippines. sana magka-snow ‘no?

  2. sweetiepie says:

    wow!very beautiful pic.I never go to a lake when it’s snowing.great shot!:)

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