Learning About Van Gogh’s Life in Arles by Chance

Pont Van Gogh sign

Only those who love art and study art history would know about the life of an artist. There may be many who appreciate art but the knowledge about it might be limited to just names of the artists and their famous creations. In this case, who hasn’t heard of the name, Van Gogh? I remember a […]

Rehoboth Beach Hotels That Make You Stay On Budget

Rehoboth beach hotels

Finding a good beach hotel that suits the budget may not be easy especially for family travellers. During peak seasons some Rehoboth Beach hotels on boardwalk may be difficult to book. But there are other hotels in the vicinity that offer pleasing amenities and services that does not harm your budget. You may want to consider these three hotels when you visit Rehoboth Beach on your next trip.

View From The Road: Upside-Down House and Spider Man?

upside down house

On one of our road trips we came across this view from the road. It was somewhere in Germany while driving in the countryside avoiding the traffic rush on the motorway. It’s not a spectacular sight but it’s something that would make your head turn to take a second look or maybe more. The drizzle […]

Top 5 Trekking Hotspots In India This Monsoon


The natives in India and also international vacationers are always on the lookout for something exciting pertaining to the Village Tourism in India. India has become the most popular choice as a holiday destination because of the numerous locations, diverse cultures, and the terrific climate. The most on-demand activities for tourists is trekking and walking. […]

Dining In A Restaurant 13 Years After The First

odense food scandic

We stayed at Hotel Scandic Odense on our first wedding anniversary. It had come to my knowledge that Odense is the third largest city of Denmark. It was a brief trip we did on our anniversay so we didn’t exactly have a view on what the city looked like. But the hotel’s location is quite […]

Hameln – A Town With A Famous Folk Tale and Great History

Hameln inside Mercure

Germany is indeed a big country and driving through it on a road trip means staying in one or two cities or towns depending on where you’re heading. A town that we decided to visit and see on our recent road trip was Hameln or Hamelin. I had no knowledge about what the town was known for when […]

Road Trip #6 Summer 2014

summer road trip EU

Our most anticipated summer road trip has finally come to be fulfilled. I’ve long enjoyed my summer break but hubby had a hard time getting away from his job. Though I’ve not really enjoyed summer yet because the weather had been in its ups and downs, mostly downs with rains and thunder and lightning. Hubby […]

Weekend Country Road Trip

Strängnäs, Sweden

When hubby and I want a brief getaway we drive to the countryside to unwind after a week’s work. Somehow it’s both fun and educative to see attractions that’s different from the city. Sweden has a vast of beautiful sceneries in the countryside and for us who love the seaside and landscape driving in the coutry is always a welcomed […]