Road Trip #6 Summer 2014

summer road trip EU

Our most anticipated summer road trip has finally come to be fulfilled. I’ve long enjoyed my summer break but hubby had a hard time getting away from his job. Though I’ve not really enjoyed summer yet because the weather had been in its ups and downs, mostly downs with rains and thunder and lightning. Hubby [...]

Weekend Country Road Trip

Strängnäs, Sweden

When hubby and I want a brief getaway we drive to the countryside to unwind after a week’s work. Somehow it’s both fun and educative to see attractions that’s different from the city. Sweden has a vast of beautiful sceneries in the countryside and for us who love the seaside and landscape driving in the coutry is always a welcomed [...]

The So-French Sofitel Munich Bayerpost Hotel

Sofitel Munich

We did not intend to book at this hotel because we wanted to stay in a hotel which name has already known to us. Unfortunately, the hotel we had in mind was fully-booked for the holiday season. We preferred a hotel that’s in the city centre of Munich so that we could avoid taking a [...]

Road Trip-ing In A Convertible

Volvo C70_1

It wasn’t so easy to let go of our car of thirteen years and the car that we drove on road trips in and out of the country. Without any problem at all we reached as far as Italy and Spain in that car and driving as fast as 180 km/h on the Autobahn. But [...]

Where Bratwurst Is Best

German Bratwurst

If I were to choose between beans and sausages I would definitely pick beans. I don’t fancy any kinds of sausages but it’s something which I can only eat when nothing else than it is served. My husband, on the other hand, is a fan of sausages. There are probably different kinds and names of [...]

Airport Lounge: SAS Business Class

SAS Business Lounge 1

Having hot or cold drinks sitting at the lounge while waiting for your flight is kind of relaxing. Most of the lounges we’ve been to were less crowded and quiet. And it’s just that brief stress-free moment we need after a (sometimes) stressful packing and checking of the things necessary for our travel. And before [...]

A Look Inside Vasa Museum

Vasa skeppet 00

One of the great museums in Stockholm is the Vasa Museum (Vasamuséet) dedicated to the 17th-century ship that sunk on its maiden voyage. It’s a warship built by Gustav II Adolf’s initiative to be used against his enemies. With 64 cannons and 300 soldiers on board he believed he could win over the Polish enemy. Unfortunately, [...]

The Best Time To Plan Your Cruise

Cruise ship - Europe

In less than three months’ time school break starts and a summer vacation is what the majority plans ahead. Whether it’s in or out of the country there’s always somewhere else to go. We talked about cruising and one of the options we had was going on a russian river cruise and visit St Petersburg.