Overnight In Nimes, France

After Switzerland we drove to France and by dark we arrived in the city of Nimes. We were so tired but luckily we found a Novotel Hotel right in the city centre. I thought Paris is the only city of lights in France but apparently Nimes’ street lights at the time were as brilliant as in Paris.

Nimes, France in December

It was the 30th of December and they were like having a carnival when we arrived. But when we went out to find a restaurant the people were gone and all we saw this lighted children ride or something.

Nimes by night

Nimes by night.


I’ve learned that Nimes is a popular tourist destination because of its history that dates back to the Roman Empire. We missed seeing the ancient architectures in this city. But, perhaps, we can stay longer here some other time.

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These are photos from our winter roadtrip on 27 December 2012 – 06 January 2013
Destination: Valencia, Spain


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      Marlene says

      Yes, it was something like that. But it was late and we heard some youths making noise so we went back to the hotel at once.

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