No Winter Without Photos

9 March 2013By 0 Comments

I admit I like taking photos of snow and it’s the most valuable consolation that I can get in the winter despite its intense coldness. I have a large stock of photos of winter in my computer. Sometimes I’d compare how winter looked like before and the present. The recent winter at my place had been kind and shortlived. And just a little sight of snow in February, which is supposed to be the coldest month here. Here are some of the pics I took in the whole winter season.

winter 241212
Christmas Eve of 2012

winter 012713
27 January 2013 snowy night

winter 020113
01 February 2013 frosty morning.

winter 030313
03 March 2013

Usually it’s still snowy or snowing in March but it seems this time Spring is so eager to begin. So long, winter!

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