Nice Night Promenade In Nice

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Driving back home from Spain we took the other side of France like we did years ago on our roadtrip. We thought it would be nice to see Nice again. We did not intend to stay long though.

Nice, France

We found the same hotel we stayed in before. I stood on the same spot about ten years ago and it looks exactly the same.

Cote de Azur, Nice

After dinner we took a “promedade” along Promenade des Anglais. Quite a long walk but it was a quiet evening so we were like promenading pleasantly until we reached the coast side.

Nice after New Year

That Santa Claus was still there even after New Year. The other side of the coast is visible from here and it gleamed beautifully in darkness.

The coast at Nice

We enjoyed looking at the view of the coast. The panoramic view was absolutely stunning. The image I took was not panoramic though.

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These are photos from our winter roadtrip on 27 December 2012 – 06 January 2013
Destination: Valencia, Spain

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