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9 September 2009By 50 Comments

This sight greeted us one early morning in Berlin while we were on the way down through to our breakfast.  It’s not the view we normally get to see when we are riding an elevator, and that day was by chance a view of two men cleaning the Aquadom in Berlin.  While the hotel workers under the tube were busy tending their guests, the two divers in the tube were having a good swim while feeding some 2600 fish in different species.

According to Wikipedia, this Aquadom in Berlin is the largest acrylic cylinder in the world.  I didn’t know about this but what I knew was that it was the largest aquarium I have ever seen.  Hubby and I didn’t know and haven’t heard about the said Aquadom before.  It was a mere coincidence of discovering this fascinating attraction in Berlin when we stayed at the Radisson Blu (formerly Radisson SAS) Hotel where the AquaDom is located. It is the center of attraction in the hotel’s lobby but the entrance to the Dom is next to the hotel through Sea Life Berlin which maintained it .  The Dom offers a two storied-elevator ride where one can experience deep-sea diving without actually being in the water.  The ride is both fun and educational as one gets a closer look of the sea life (especially the tropical fish) at the same time learning about them.

Two divers in the AquaDom cleaning the tube and feeding the fish

Two divers in the AquaDom cleaning and feeding the fish

Accordingly, these professional divers are working full time and they are cleaning the Dom everyday.  Unfortunately, we’d seen them just once, maybe because we slept in most.

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  1. LetUpdate says:

    Wow, i haven’t hear about it before. It seems very refreshing by looking at it because i love sea. :D
    .-= LetUpdate´s last blog ..Subscribe Blog to Google Webmasters =-.

  2. Joy says:

    Ganda naman Berlin hmmm…lol. Haven’t heard that before also.
    .-= Joy´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday- Textures =-.

  3. Ruchi says:

    You always have some different news :).
    .-= Ruchi´s last blog ..Get Rid of Procrastination =-.

  4. willie says:

    Oh man! This is something that we don’t really have at my place. Nice one.
    .-= willie´s last blog ..Indonesian Maids be paid RM800? =-.

  5. Jhari says:

    Wow! Amazing!
    .-= Jhari´s last blog ..Baby Julia Turned 10 =-.

  6. See through. Ang ganda siguro diyan.
    .-= Ridiculous blogger´s last blog ..Make money with Blogitive =-.

  7. JO says:

    that’s so cool! never seen that one yet.
    .-= JO´s last blog ..Never Again! =-.

  8. livingstain says:

    ahhh sa berlin pala yan… maganda ang pagkakagawa at ang idea… kaso nakakalungkot na dati isda ang nakalagay jan ngayon tao na… anakna….

    bakit tinatanong ako kung anong 3+8, buti na lang may katabi akong calculator…. hahaha…
    .-= livingstain´s last blog ..Let’s Party People =-.

    • Marlene says:

      Hindi naman buong araw ang dalawang tao diyan, naglilinis lang at pinapakain ang mga isda. Siyempre nandiyan pa rin ang mga isda, hindi na aquarium yun kung wala. :-)

      Buti sinagot mo, kung hindi, di ko rin nakita comment mo, hahaa! Takot ka rin sa math, kagaya ko.

  9. this is something new to me and the Aquadom looks fascinatingly beautiful. That must be so amazing to scuba in. :)
    .-= liferamblings´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday – Swiss countryside Waterfall =-.

  10. blinkky says:

    Wow, it’s really amazing thing to watch =)
    .-= blinkky´s last blog ..How To Speed Up YouTube Buffering ? =-.

  11. I had no idea that thing were in Berlin – it wasn’t noisy or anything (air pumps etc.) ?
    .-= Klaus @ TechPatio´s last blog ..Google’s UFO Logo Explained – “All Your O Are Belong To Us” =-.

  12. Once I had that almost similar experience when The lift had a pass through makeshift waterfall. Yes, it an experience And The lift floor was totally transparent And one can watch the growing height. That was scary The moment you watch floor but fun.
    .-= HOBO(nickname)´s last blog .."Harihar" "Ardhnarishwar" & "Chintamani" few other names of "Manikaran" – The important religious place =-.

  13. Ricky says:

    Two divers cleaning the tank….amazing picture. I love fish and clean blue sea(I am a veg ;)).
    .-= Ricky´s last blog ..August 2009 Best Posts And 125×125 Ad Winner =-.

  14. Amor says:

    Wow ang ganda naman nyan, napaka clear pa. Naku kung meron lang nyan dito pupuntahan namin ni Sean.

  15. Sourish Nath says:

    Hey ,

    I just found you out while googling , and this a really nice blog. :)Thats a nice AQuatic dom [aquadom].
    Expect me to be a frequent visitor here. Will read all your posts
    Thanks ,

    Regards ,
    .-= Sourish Nath´s last blog ..Take Screenshot of your Nokia Phone =-.

  16. Wow that must have been a pretty cool sight! I wish one day I can go for a honeymoon to Europe :D
    .-= Michael Aulia´s last blog ..Weekend Fun: 10 Reasons to have a Geek as a boyfriend =-.

  17. Joy says:

    Hopping here again Len..checking LOL
    .-= Joy´s last blog ..Not an easy life =-.

  18. Flashpoints says:

    Wow ! It’s really a great structure like huge fish tank. But i am very disappointed about my link love. One more thing i am changing my server.
    .-= Flashpoints´s last blog ..Howzat for Shane’s new crowning glory? =-.

  19. Walongbote says:

    Yay ate! Grabe now lang me nakakita ng ganyan, ang laking aquarium nya nyan. Pero parang di na xa aquarium,c0nsidEreD parang manila ocean park ung dating nya.. Pero nice talaga! Lucky you makakita ng ganyan.

  20. I didn’t know about this Aquadom, too. I hope we had one here in the Philippines. That would be a great tourist attraction. :D

    Your ad is now on display at my blog. So, I decided to pay a visit. I’m sure glad I did. :D
    .-= Isis @ Pinaybackpacker´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday: The Dome =-.

    • Marlene says:

      I’m sure it would give a boost on tourism in the Phil. if we have one like this.

      Thanks for visiting. Not many bloggers would visit their ad spacers though. I used to do it before but I’d stopped for some reasons.

  21. kerja kosong says:

    Wow its so HUGEEE.. if i have chance i’d love to go there.
    .-= kerja kosong´s last blog ..NETCOOL & Perl Script Experts =-.

  22. Glan©Haser says:

    WOW. what a giant aquarium out there!!… very nice info. tHanks!

  23. purita says:

    wow Marlene its amazing first time for me to see such kind of aquarium. Though we have the Ocean Park here in Manila but this one is so great !!!!

  24. Now ko lang nakita tong post mo. I saw this one from your most viewed or popular post. This is such an awesome place and masterpiece!

    • Marlene says:

      Ang ganda talaga nito and we’re lucky to see those men inside the aquarium. But I heard there’s also like this in Manila, don’t know how big though.

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