Me Like Sushi Oishii!

11 May 2010By 28 Comments

When my Vietnamese colleague invited to a sushi lunch one day I wasn’t so sure if I would like it. Although hubby was always telling me how he liked California Maki and that we should go to a Sushi bar someday it never happened because he was not certain about how good the Japanese resto here nowadays. My colleague took me to a small Sushi restaurant whose owner were not Japanese but Vietnamese. Yes, think about how many Chinese who run a Thai restaurant these days. And Thai running a Chinese resto? Maybe there are a couple of them. Anyhow, I liked that Sushi resto so much that I often go and eat there by myself at lunch. I had gone to another Sushi restaurant a few weeks ago with my friends but it wasn’t satisfying because the pieces they made were big enough that we had to cut them in two to get it into the mouth. And sushi should not be eaten like that, I suppose.

Sushi in Denmark

Sushi, oishii!

When I told hubby I was beginning to like Sushi, we started to look for a Sushi Bar whenever we’re out travelling. Until now, we haven’t found a better Sushi resto here but we managed to find somewhere else like in Singapore and lately in Copenhagen where the image above was taken. I crave for sushi now that the weather is getting warmer. Otherwise I don’t like cool meals in cold weather.

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Marlene is a teacher by profession holding a degree of Bachelor of Secondary Education. She works as a Mother Language Teacher in Sweden. She is a Filipina married to a Swede. She has been blogging since 2007 and she and her hubby own quite a number of websites. Connect with Marlene on Google+

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  1. willie says:

    Hello Marlene,

    Hope things go well with you there. I just talked about teachers’ day in my education blog. Feel free to read and leave your comment yeah?

    Vietnamese friend? I have not met one. I wish to get to know one actually. You know…it is good to have friends from different nationalities. Like your friend, I love Sushi. In my country, the famous place to go for Sushi is called “Sushi King”. They sell large and expensive sushi. But usually, twice a year, they will hold a promotion. The price of all the sushi will be reduced up to 50 percent or reduced to RM2 (USD0.80) per mini box. During this promotional period, you will see a long que outside the restaurant. But for me, I prefer to pay higher than queuing. What about you? Hahahah

    Okay then, Have a nice day yeah?

    • Marlene says:

      Hi Willie, everything’s fine with me, just that I am struggling with this busiest month of May at school. Sure, I should add your education blog so I can visit more often.

      My friends here are from same and different nationalities, maybe because Sweden is a multi-cultured land. Hahaa, I hate queuing too so never mind the promo.

  2. I also like sushi but I never know the kind of sushi. I just eat them. :)
    .-= Dana @ Blogging Tips Blog´s last blog ..Clear Type WordPress Theme from Theme Junkie: A Simple Review =-.

  3. i absolutely love sushi and my tummy is growling like crazy at this moment.
    .-= life ramblings´s last blog ..RT/WW – Up, close and personal with Venice (Part 2) =-.

  4. Cold weather? Hmm, salabat ang sagot dyan! Hehe.

    Pero in fairness, looks yummy ang sushi ate. Nice!
    .-= Filipino Recipes´s last blog ..Rellenong Alimango (Stuffed Crab) =-.

  5. TheArchitect says:

    o yeah..sushi..sushi. I like it!
    .-= TheArchitect´s last blog ..Minimalist Home and Garden by S2A+Designbureau =-.

  6. Amor says:

    Ako rin like ko ang sushi. Kapag sa Tokyo Tokyo kami kumakain, nag oorder kami ng California Maki. At yung wasabi, naku umusok ilong ko the first time I tasted it, hahaha!
    .-= Amor´s last blog ..Loving TweetDeck =-.

  7. Khim says:

    oj Daj…saan toh…? there is 3 sushi resto in Gothenburg who is among the best Linnégatan, drottninggatan and kyrkogatan…limpyo ingon ang newspaper unya lami pa gyud kong ako imo pangotan-on…hehehe ingon sad ang newspaper lami….

    Just love sushi Daj next time can we go together to eate sushi…

    Happy weekend Daj and take care…

    .-= Khim´s last blog ..Iron square in Gothenburg =-.

    • Marlene says:

      Khim, sa Denmark man mi ani. Ang akong nasudlan nga Sushi resto diri kay kana lang dinha sa may Svingeln ug sa Nordstan ba.

      Sige ba, kuyog ta sunod kaon sushi.

  8. samo zain says:

    Wow i like Sushi Oishii! too
    but it’ so expensive in our country Egypt
    thank you so much
    .-= samo zain´s last blog ..If you want be Successful Entrepreneur you should have Business Credit =-.

  9. Lakhyajyoti says:

    I also love sushi.Nice post with a nice picture.
    .-= Lakhyajyoti´s last blog ..Make Money With Social Bookmarking Site =-.

  10. o i too luv sushi very much… going to have this weekend…….
    .-= isha@cyber world´s last blog ..Prevent your Adsense code from being placed on inappropriate sites =-.

  11. Sourav says:

    Hi Marlene…I see a lot of sushi recipes in the weekly magazines, but never had the chance to taste one. Would have loved to do so.Looks yummy.
    .-= Sourav´s last blog ..SmartFaucet – Tap With A Touch Screen =-.

  12. I’ve never really been a fan of Sushi. I prefer my food cooked … LOL!
    .-= Nick Phillips´s last blog ..Long Overdue … =-.

    • Marlene says:

      Hahaa! Some people just don’t like it, like you. I don’t like raw fish myself but I can take a piece or two with Sushi.

  13. b0joy says:

    ate marlene!Ü still remember me? ^_^ finally been able to visit after uhhmm yrs? anyway… ni agi lng ko. happy blogging! see u around. i’ll add u in my link lists ha?
    .-= b0joy´s last blog ..^_^ Change… for the better ^_^ =-.

  14. sernan says:

    Sushi! yes yummy… but my GF does not like it…so sad, so if we have any dates, iwas sa mga japanese foods but Whenever we have a session with my buddies, Brandy + Sushi… Yummy! And WASABI… wala akong masabi! i love the feeling yung gumuguhit sya sa ilong… hehehehehehehe
    .-= sernan´s last blog ..What Awaits the New President of the Philippines? =-.

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