Mashed Potato and Beef Patties Served With Style

As it is called in Swedish, pannbiff och potatismos (beef patties and mashed potato), is a meal that’s easy to prepare and serve on the table. When I make beef patties I’d always ask hubby to make mashed potato and the gravy. It goes perfect with cooked potatoes, too.

beef patties and creamy mashed potato

When we were on a roadtrip last summer we stopped by for a late lunch in Falkenberg Strandbad hotel and restaurant. The hotel’s á la carte restaurant was already closed but we’re glad they have a summertime restaurant and bar. We ordered the meal above and personally, I was surprised about how they served mashed potato and beef patties with style. Normally, it would look messy when we do it at home. But this looked more delicious and appealing. Hubby liked the creamy mashed potato a lot that he did the same for our dinner last night.

In the picture: creamy mashed potato, beef patty, fried onions, brown gravy, lingonberry jam and coriander leaves.

Just a shade of yellow for Mellow Yellow Monday.


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