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How can I make my sleeping time a habit when I know I am a confirmed night person. I’ve been trying to change my sleeping schedule but I always fail.  Even when I plan to sleep on a centain time I would always find something to do before that and I would end up sleeping late again.  It’s a struggle when I have to work the next day and feeling tired at work is the worst part of the problem.  I wrote before that I didn’t have the symptoms of insomnia and I still believe I don’t have this kind of sleeping problem.  It’s just that I am more active doing something at nights.  I remember once I ironed clothes at about 11pm because I wasn’t sleepy to go to bed then.  Even when I read a book in bed just to get myself sleepy, I end up even more later before the letters in the book turn illegible.

I found this article that describes a person like me as a “night owl” – a person having a problem sleeping at night and feeling tired and sleepy during the day.  Sooo me.  The article suggests treatments for this problem and I found some of them interesting and  maybe would help me in the process of making my 10 o’ clock habit:

  • Getting up at the same time every day no matter what time you go to sleep. On the weekends (or on days when you don’t have to get up) don’t let yourself sleep more than 1 hour longer than you do when you have to get up for work or school.
  • Light therapy. In this case, light therapy means exposing yourself to bright light as soon as you wake up. You can use sunlight or a bright (10,000 lux) light box for 30 to 45 minutes each day.

I had done the first one on several occasions but I seemed to have not completely aware that it would help me get to sleep earlier at nights.  But I must admit I don’t like lights early in the morning.  I often nagged at hubby to turn off the lights when I’m still in bed and he’s dressing up for work.  How can I survive this…


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    Sorry to hear that.

    I don’t have problem sleeping at night. Probably it is due to the health product i am taking now. It really gives me a good schedule of sleeping. I don’t feel sleepy at day time. And I don’t have problem waking up early morning after taking it.

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    That’s what is exactly happening with me! Even I’m a typical night person and I sleep at early mornings like 1AM or 2AM and get up at 7AM. But I’m not tired so much in day. I guess my body has already become used to my schedule. But I really need to change this.

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      You’re a night owl, too, although you don’t get tired during the day. If it doesn’t give you problems, it’s ok. But if you want to sleep earlier, then the article might help you.

      And thanks a lot for dropping by. I really appreciate it.

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    It is because our body clock, i think. I usually do not sleep one day to adjust the body clock back to normal again after many overnight work. It work and i can sleep at 10 o’ clock after that.

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    I am a follower of this one: go to bed early. Ok, I love sleep but I think more than that is I know that the neurons inside head do not work out well whenever I have not gotten enough hours of sleep.

    Zzzzz… 😀

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      Yes, me, too. That’s why when I sleep late at nights I also get up late, even middle of the day. But I’m forced to get up early for work and it makes me tired and sleepy. I’m a sleepy head otherwise, hahaa!

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    According to science 8 hours sleep is required for a healthy body. If you go to bed at timely and wake up early in the morning you will feel more fresh than ever. Its my personal experience. I usually go to sleep at 10 – 10.30 and woke up 6:15 every morning else than Sunday.

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      Thanks for this tip. The problem with me is that I still wake up late even if I sleep late, lol! My hubby once called me a sleeping beauty. :-)

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      I used to be a “sleep everywhere, anywhere”, too, way back in the Ph. But I think this change in weather and time zone gives me sleeping problems.

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    Same here. I really hate lights pag natu2log aq. Nai2rita aq. Para aq may ph0tophobia. Hehe.. Pero the best way para masanay ma2Log ng maAga is wag ma2Log ng hap0n.. At gumising ng 5am. Para antok na antok ka na pagdating ng gbi. Try mO ate.

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      Oo nga, ano. Parang batang ayaw patulugin sa hapon para maagang makatulog sa gabi, hehee. Pero kahit di ako matulog sa hapon ay hirap pa rin sa gabi.

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    Well I never go to bed at 10 at night as I do some of my computer jobs at night..infact I like to do some of my computer stuffs at night as I have no time in day time due to office.


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    Pareho pa la tayo I’m a certified B person that’s what they call here. The worst part is my son and my husband are A persons just imagine I just sleep 1 or 2 they and they will wake me up 5.30. They literally have to drag me out from our bed just to wake me then in the living room they will find me sleeping again. Story of my life:)
    Btw i have a tag for you A prayer tag for the typhoon victims.
    .-= Ana´s last blog ..Babaylan Denmark Fundrasing for the victims of the typhoon Ondoy/Ketsana in the Philippines =-.

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      Uy, kumusta na? Back to blogging ka na ba?

      Oo, same problem same rants, hehee! Unsolved pa rin ang sleeping problem ko. Nandiyan din yung link ng dating post ko.

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    Medyo balik blog ng kunti… nag aaral ulit ng english grammar kaya Tagalog na tagalog sa site ko hehehe. Oi, pa add narin sa Blogroll mo then papalit sa .com ung .ws na link ng juler… thanks Marl…
    .-= juler´s last blog ..Tatlong Lagalag =-.

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    I also have sleeping problems but I don’t care much about it. If I can’t sleep then I don’t sleep. Hehe I only get headaches if 2 nights or more have passed and still I haven’t got any decent sleep.
    .-= nathan´s last blog ..Be Active In Social Media =-.

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      I’d lose all my energy if I don’t sleep for 2 days. Unfortunately, I have to force myself to sleep for the sake of my job the next day.

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    Oh, I can so relate! I would much rather be up at night and sleep in later in the morning. Problem is, I don’t get as much done during the day then. I’ve struggled with this for years. Once I had kids, I just couldn’t get enough done in daylight and wound up staying up too late and got myself in a vicious cycle.

    One thing that has helped a bit is getting a dog, believe it or not. The puppy goes to sleep pretty regularly and if I take her to her crate to sleep at 11, then I can usually get in several hours of sleep before she wakes up and needs to go out. It hasn’t worked perfectly yet, but at least a little structure is better than none!
    .-= Amy´s last blog ..3 Things Every Parent Should Teach Their Kids =-.

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      Hi Amy,
      Thanks for dropping by. I really appreciate it. I’m having the same problem – more sleep, less work at daytime.

      Is that so? I’m pretty sure hubby would very much like the idea. He likes puppies. Thanks for sharing this. So kind of you.

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    Well i would like you suggest one idea, if you like it so you can follow it. After close the eyes start thinking about the starting point of the day wheres you started your day and until you will reach at same point where you are this time on the bed,you will have been sleep. You will have to revised every moment of the day.

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      Really painful and I’ve been fighting for this for the sake of my job. Otherwise, I won’t mind having insomnia when I don’t need to get up early the next day, hahaa!

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