Let It Be White

If I remember right I didn’t have a white Christmas for the past three years and winter had been so dry and boring.  Snow would only fall between February and March.  This is why last night when I went to the kitchen to drink water before going to bed, I saw the roof of the laundry house being white.  I looked through the window and I was surprised to see that it was white all over.  It was past 1:00 am but the place loomed in darkness while the snow continued to fall and coated the place in white.  So beautiful, I didn’t want to go to bed but just watched the snow falling.

snow at 1:43 AM

snow at 1:43 AM

snow at 14:13 PM  (2:13pm)

snow at 14:13 PM (2:13pm)

But when I woke up the ground was ploughed.  Ugh!  Hey, I’m dreaming of a white Christmas here so let the snow stay on Christmas Day, please….


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    White Christmas! Pangarap na lang sa akin yan. :) Pero sana, who knows… malay natin, magkakaskas ako ng maraming yelo later para kunyari snow. 😀
    .-= Amor´s last blog ..Site Update =-.

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      Ganun ha. Gawin na lang nating halu-halo, mas masarap yata, hahaa! Kung pwede nga lang pulutin ang snow at gawing halu-halo ay ginawa ko na.

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    Hello Mar! salamat sa comment nimo ha…hehehe!
    Kamusta na? relax di ba…kami pod aroy kalami walay buhaton…

    Dili pa intawon ko kama-o mag-twitt nag-to-on pa ko hehehe ma-o wala pa ko naka-sugod hinay hinay lang ko mura bag- snigel…hehehe

    Happy holidays Mar ha and thanks…:)

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      Hi Khim,

      Maayo kay relax pud ka karon. Walay buhaton? Maghimo na lang ta ani snögubbe, hahaa!

      Mao ba? Bantug wala ka pay tweets. Pero dali lang man, kaya na nimo ba.

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