Church of La Madeleine

Church of St. Mary Magdalene
Church of St. Mary Magdalene | La Madeleine

L’Église Sainte Marie Madeleine – Church of St. Mary Magdalene is a church dedicated to Saint Mary Magdalene. Located near the Place de la Concorde and the Place Vendome in Paris, this church offers daily masses, concerts and elegant weddings.

I couldn’t appreciate much the exterior design of this church, except the sculptured relief of the Last Judgment by Lé Maire in the pediment. The reason for it’s simplicity, maybe, because it was based on the design of an antique (Roman) temple. After two false starts, the building was finally built in 1806 and consecrated as a church in 1842.

The busiest and perhaps the most crowded place on this Season of Lent is the church. Christians all over the world are commemorating the passion of Christ. And the most significant day of the season is the Resurrection where people jubilantly sing songs of praises to the Lord. It was said that Mary Magdalene was the first person to witness that Jesus had risen from the dead.

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