Just The Right Travel Diary App

Now that we can do anything we like with our smartphones and tablets making a journal of the events in our life has never been easier. Gone are the days when we would keep a pen and a pad in our bag and take notes when we had the chance. Now there are apps that can help us do more than just writing on our journal. Keeping a journal of our travels is one thing I do with my phone and tab. And finding the right app for this is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Travel diary app

I have been looking for a travel app that’s easy to use. There are many of them and I’ve tried some. But my search ended after trying this Travel Diary app. I found and used it on our previous roadtrip and I like how it retrieves the address of the hotels we stayed in, restaurants and other places we’d been to.

Travel Diary app

I found it kind of late so I missed saving other places in the app. Hopefully next time I keep it all documented. This Travel Diary app has what I look for – ease of use and simple and clean UI.

I know there are other travel apps you know and I’d be glad if you could share it with me.


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    Hi marlene, i have a tab and smartphone, but i didn’t utilise them to write a diary because i didn’t know that such application exist. Maybe i should try it.

    How does it serve you so far? Was it easy to use? Was it user friendly?

    Anyway, have a blessed Good Friday.

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      Marlene says

      It’s easier than writing the name of the place and the address. With this app it pulls everything and all you need to do is write what you do there. I will be using this again on our next trip.

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