Inside Kolmården Wildlife Park

It’s zoo time at Kolmården Wildlife Park (Kolmårdens Djurpark)!

It’s been years ago since we were at Kolmårdens Djurpark but thanks to the pictures I took, which remind me how scared I was seeing those wild animals in real life. The close encounter was quite an experience to me because it was the first time I saw jungle animals that otherwise, I only got to see in films. There aren’t large zoo’s where I come from but some monkeys, eagles, birds and well, crocodiles.

Kolmården Wildlife Park 1

Kolmården Wildlife Park (Kolmårdens Djurpark) opens daily in spring and summer and on weekends in early fall. It is also open during school breaks. Otherwise it’s closed the rest of the seasons. It was summer when we visited the park and although the weather was nice we desired to drive the car inside while looking on the animals around.

Kolmårdens Djurpark 2

These were the animals we saw through the car. We had to drive slow so as not to scare them. I remember if you didn’t want to take the car inside you’d walk on the bridge and see these animals below. But in 2011 Kolmården opened the Safari that would take the visitors above the animals by a cable car.

Kolmarden Wildlife Park 3

Kolmården is Scandinavia’s largest wildlife park. Among other things to see and experience inside are the Marine World, Tiger World, Bamse World, Aparium (Monkey’s place), Birds of prey Show and, of course, the Safari.

Kolmården Lions

Seeing those lions through our car window was really nervous. We drove slowly and carefully though. At Kolmården Wildlife Park you feel like your a guest in the animals’ dwelling place.


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    Sweden’s biggest zoo (my opinion). This is *the* place to visit with children of all ages. Start by taking the cable railway and admire the view from above. The zoo is divided into the Savanna, the Elephant valley, the predator birds (like hawks, condors), the Tiger world, the Desert, the Delfinarium, the Tropicarium, etc.For the older kids there’s the “adventure land” Wild Camp, Bamse theater, Camel riding and Höghöjdsbanan (a climbing place). For the little ones there’s world, the children’s farm and Kulmården (a Swedish word play for Fun @ Kolmården)Wanna get a little bit more up close to the animals? Try their safari park. Get your own car (and you get an informative brochure about the animals you’re about to see) or take their guided tour by bus. For those wanting to stay overnight (because there’s so much to do and see) there’s the Vildmarkshotel and the Safari camp.New: You can see the tigers living in their new theme installations on the TigerCam. The site is in Swedish but you just have to click the one web cam you want to see live.
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