Having Meals On The Train

When a train you’re riding on has a restaurant with á la carte meal menu why not have an all-day meal for the entire trip. Sitting at a restaurant on a moving train is quite an experience since you will get to see the changing view from where you are sitting. It can be hard to grab your food when the train moves fast (as all the trains do), but you will enjoy your meal anyway.

Blue Train breakfast

When we took the Blue Train (Blå Tåget) we made sure to try the meals on the train. We had breakfast and lunch on the way to Stockholm and some delightful dessert. It felt like an earthquake hit us when the table shaked a little. We were careful not to spill the drinks.

Blue Train dinner

On our way back home to Gothenburg we only had dinner and dessert since the train left Stockholm in the afternoon. It’s a struggle to take pictures on a moving train, hence the blurred images above. The meals we had on the train were all delectable and satisfying. It cost but it was worth to be a part of the trip.


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