Free Ticket to The Book Fair

It wasn’t priceless to go to the book fair but my workplace shouldered the 220 SEK for a ticket. My colleague and I went to the annual Göteborg Book Fair at Svenska Mässan to use the free tickets provided us. It was my first time to see the fair though I know it takes place every year. We went around to find some books we could use in teaching. We spotted a lot of instructional materials but they were just for display. All we could get were catalogues.

Things at the book fair

It wasn’t just the books we saw but other things, too, like decorative mugs, pens, keychains, shopping notes, calendars and many more. Those eye-catching bling blings was worth a stop and we ended up buying more of them than books.

The English Shop at the Book Fair

I already had in mind what to look for when I arrived at the book fair – English books. Luckily, we found the English Bookshop booth.

Peter James at the Göteborg Book Fair

I spotted an English man by the table with books on it and I found out he’s Peter James, the author of the books. I haven’t read any of his books so I thought I would give it a try. Since he’s there I thought I might as well ask him to sign my book. Hahaa!

Book bus at the Book Fair

This book bus seemed to have found its way to the book fair. Quite huge to be inside the venue though it was interesting to get it in the picture.

Göteborg Book Fair at Svenska Mässan

Göteborg Book Fair in Svenska Mässan – September 27th-30th 2012


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      Marlene says

      Yes, and I’m glad my colleague was with me but even if you go alone you’ll still have fun looking around.

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