Food and People at the Global Picnic

It’s my first time to join an event that was referred to me by a Facebook contact. I accepted the invitation and I asked my friends to come with me. It’s called Global Picnic and would take place in three Saturdays from today at the Kanaltorget in Gothenburg. We had the chance to see and eat some food that was prepared by the people with different nationalities.

Global Picnic in Gothenburg

The food stalls were enticing and we looked around first before deciding to choose something to eat. It didn’t cost much, around 20 SEK to 50 SEK each meal. A live band was playing as an entertainment.

Global Picnic at Kanaltorget

It was good to see people with different nationalities and their interest in food varieties. But the most significant experience in the event is to learn other countries’ food cultures.

Food at the Global Picnic

The weather, however, wasn’t that suitable to have a field picnic because it was a bit chilly and blowy. Somehow, we managed to eat our food while our hands were shaking. It was hard for me to take pictures but glad to see later that my photos were not blurry.

My friends and I tried some empanadas, meat and rice, fish with banana, cassava and sweet potato. It’s not easy to remember the names of each dish. The nationalities that presented their food today were Vietnamese, Somali, Peruvian, Angolan.


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      Marlene says

      Aba, Paolo, kumusta na? Long time no see, hahaa!
      Sa dami ng pagkain di ko na maalala ang mga pangalan. From South America yan, isda na di ko rin kilala pero masarap naman.

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