Far From Home

He is far from home

Home could be the Pennsylvania turnpike
Indiana’s early morning dew
high up in the hills of California
home is just another word for you.

~ Billy Joel – You’re My Home ~


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    That’s your husband!!!! and wow…isn’t that romantic, I bet he’s reading Billy Joel You’re my home to you…hehehehehehe

  2. 2


    was that a proper pose or candid? :) You better watch out My, this pic could sell for a very high price! hhehehehehehe

  3. 5



    pasensya na fren di ako ganong nakakbloghop. busy ang lolo mo sa raket. hahaha!

    i just finished setting up new domains for our rakets in the future. naku buti pa kayo ng hubby mo may time mamasyal. ingat lang lagi fren.

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      Naku fren, ako man pasilip-silip lang muna sa ngayon at pa-drop-drop ng EC. Dami din paperworks kapag ganitong patapos na ang klase, hehee… Anong domain yun, got to visit it some time.

      • 7



        Yung link nung una kong comment yung bago kong domain. Fren, punahin ko lang yung video sa homepage, nagsasayaw sya, ganyan din yung site ko pag nai-paste ko na yung code then nag-edit ako. Ang solusyon dyan, paste the code of the video last then publish. after pasting, don’t edit dahil it will dance to the tune of cha-cha. lol!

        • 8


          Jessie, thanks. OMG, this site looked terrible. You know it’s this Firefox and Explorer issue again. I didn’t have probs pasting and editing video code with IE. Ngayon ko lang nalaman na ganun pala sa firefox.

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      Farah dear,
      That was a candid pic of hubby, hehee. Awww, I should not post more candid pics of him or he might be stolen, hahaa…

      I’m just here, dearie, buried with tasks. It’s always like this when the school year’s about to end. I do bloghop before going to bed, but writing a post sometimes takes time when i don’t have enough time for it right now.

  5. 15


    Hey, I recognised the picture! It’s taken at One Fullerton or is it near the Merlion park. Well, if I did not recognise this place, I wouldn’t dare to say I’m from Singapore. That is a beautiful place to visit in the evening too.

    • 16


      Yes, indeed, BK. It’s somewhere between One Fullerton and the Merlion Park. We missed the evening scenario though, may be next time. I’d love to visit Singapore again and again. Lucky you to be living in that beautiful country.

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