Fading Like A Flower?

13 October 2009By 45 Comments
A (don't know the name) flower.  |  Photo by: Hubby

A (don't know the name) flower. | Photo by: Hubby

This is one of my favorite pics that hubby has taken with his D-SLR camera.  No, he isn’t a professional photographer yet and I doubt he will be because as far as the camera is concerned,  he hasn’t used it more often as he should.  The camera is just in the corner waiting to be grabbed and if only it could shout so to get hubby’s attention.  And as far as my photography hobby  is concerned, I’m afraid it has been set aside for the moment, too.  Talk about too many things I want to do, too little time to do alltogether.

Anyhow, I feel that this blog of mine is fading like a flower (Roxette’s song) although the passion is still deep within me.  Nah, I must say it’s just fading like the background of the flower in the pic.  I am the one slowly fading in the background of my blog, hehee.  But no, I’m not abandoning this virtual home of mine.  I may not post for a couple of days but I’m still online to make a quick visit to my blog buddies.  Although I wish I could post as regularly as before.  Do I sound like I’m going on hiatus?  Never, never!  :-)

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Marlene is a teacher by profession holding a degree of Bachelor of Secondary Education. She works as a Mother Language Teacher in Sweden. She is a Filipina married to a Swede. She has been blogging since 2007 and she and her hubby own quite a number of websites. Connect with Marlene on Google+

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  1. willie says:

    Hi Marlene,

    I assumed that your hubby own a Nikon D90 right? He should practice using it more often to take great photos. The flower is nice and if he wants to know more about how to take great photo flowers, you can always visit my blog specifically at http://reptoz.blogspot.com/2009/08/macro-shots-on-orchids.html

    p/s Are you fading from blogging? How sad…
    .-= willie´s last blog ..The Strobist Blogspot. Master of Lighting =-.

  2. Fading Like A Flower + The Photograph And I was meditating.
    Fantastic song. I wish more such songs.
    .-= HOBO(nickname)´s last blog ..Do you exercise right to vote? =-.

  3. I hope you feel wrong about fading. :D

    Btw, the photo seems good and focus.
    .-= Dana@Online Knowledge´s last blog ..Increase Blog Page Views =-.

  4. i bet the flower looks beautiful in full bloom. i sure hope you’ll change your mind about fading away. i enjoy visiting u Marlene.
    .-= liferamblings´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday – Wanna go for a swim? =-.

    • Marlene says:

      I’m trying to recharge my energy so that I will not disappear. Perhaps a post a week will be fine for the time being.

      Thanks a lot. I always love your presence here, too.

  5. Love the soft focus background. This is my first time to your cool site! :)

  6. EarningStep says:

    nice photo my friend. look like you can be a real photographer if you learn more …

  7. nathan says:

    We do undergo this kind of feeling when we get tired of blogging. I admit, I also feel the same way.
    .-= nathan´s last blog ..Kreativ Blogger Award Goes to… =-.

  8. Flashpoints says:

    Now forget about your absence yaar, It can be happened with anybody. At least you have realize that its a good sign for us. So carry on your blogging and keep posting like this.
    .-= Flashpoints´s last blog ..Howzat for Shane’s new crowning glory? =-.

  9. Diabetis says:

    Puwedeng ibenta yan sa internet eh.

    Basta type mo sa Google ang “make money with photo” and you will find a list of sites where you could sell those pictures.
    .-= Diabetis´s last blog ..Accu-check Compact Plus Meter Kit =-.

  10. Amor says:

    Why do I feel the same way too? Feeling ko nga gusto ko muna mag hiatus eh, pero feeling ko rin every month na lang akong nag ha haitus kaya hindi na lang, haha. Okay na siguro yung ganito, kahit paano nakakapag post pa rin tayo.
    .-= Amor´s last blog ..Days at the Mall =-.

    • Marlene says:

      Pareho pala tayo ng nararamdaman, Amor. Baka mapunta sa isang post a week na lang ako. Pero sana naman hindi, ang trabaho ko lang kasi ang sagabal at kailangan gumising nang maaga.

  11. Reesie says:

    may mga times talaga na nakakatamad magblog. meron din times na ang sipag sipag mo. okay lang manay marlene…babalik din ang gana mo sa blogging..

    hanggat sa susunod na post mo…

    we’re just here, waiting.

    • Marlene says:

      Reesie, pasensiya na’t nagiging madalang ang visit ko sa yo, but you know naman how I so love to read your posts. I’ll make it up when I have enough time.

      Sana nga, kasi nakakamiss din pala kapag frequent lang ang postings.

  12. Ugh, I’m always jealous with those DSLR cameras :( But again, they are so big to carry that I’d still prefer my compact Ricoh CX2 camera ^^ It gives good quality of pictures, even though not as good as DSLR ones

    It’s okay to take a break every now and then. Not to mention that you now have families and all that!
    .-= Michael Aulia´s last blog ..Myna, a free online audio editor =-.

    • Marlene says:

      I find it heavy and big, too, I couldn’t bring it with me when I go out with my friends.

      Hehee, actually we don’t have kids but I can’t seem to understand why we’re both busy and feels like we’re running after time. I can imagine how busy life would if we have kids.

  13. Nice picture Marlene.. will check its name ! :D

    And, which camera it was ? ;)
    .-= S.Pradeep Kumar´s last blog ..7 Great Tips For Writing A Killer Blog Article =-.

  14. Maricris says:

    Oh no you’re getting the blogging funk bite. My offer still stand. If you want me to guest post, I still would do it. It’s really simple. I’ll send you the post and you can go ahead and post it the way you want it. Or you can add me as admin member so I can post it directly on your blog then delete me after I’m done guest posting. Whichever works for you.

    • Marlene says:

      Hehee, I’d like to have so much as guest blogger here, Maricris. I think it will be easier if I make a username for you but I have to introduce you first. I’ll buzz you on this.

  15. khalid says:

    Hi dude

    HAPPY DIWALI to you

  16. Honney says:

    May talent pala sa photography hubby mo, sis. Ako rin I feel the same way about blogging. Most of the time I’m too busy and tired to update my blogs. Pero babawi ako. Hehe.

    Btw, finally I was able to update my blog today. Sana makadaan ka. Have a blessed day!

  17. Raquel says:

    Wow, ang ganda ng kuha. pang pro ang dating.

  18. Jeniffer says:

    Ok lng un ate kht paminsan ka lng dn magupdate ng blog. Yun ay para may mashare tayo sa iba, at di tayo oblige na mag update parati. We don’t have to please them. The photo above mukang may potential ngang magng magaling na photographer ang ung husband. Just keep the interest! http://painuminmoko.idlip.net

    • Marlene says:

      Tama ka, Jen. There was a time na para bang obligation ko palagi magsulat sa blog. Pero ngayon, take it easy na ako. Kapag may time ay saka lang susulat.

  19. TSI says:

    I want a DSLR also waaah, bakit naman “fading like a flower” but i like the song, hey i’m back here.
    .-= TSI´s last blog ..Cafe World: Cheats & Glitch on Serving =-.

    • Marlene says:

      TSI, long time no see, hahaa! Pano ba yan, nasa kailaliman na ng blog ko ang link mo kaya di na kita navisit. Nawalan lang ng gana sandali sa pagblog kaya ayan, fading like a flower.

  20. I like the song very much. Nice photo. HAPPY DIWALI to All of You.

  21. Hello Marlene,

    Thanks for visiting my blog (Scobberlotch) today. Yes, I do write and JANEOLOGY is my debut novel. :)

    Always great to meet another reader!


    K. Harrington

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