Dining at the Countryside Restaurant

When hubby and I are on a road trip we prefer to look for a restaurant in a countryside. It’s not quite easy if we don’t know much about the place and we just drive on the streets while we use our eyes to glance at the signs and names that resembles a restaurant. Though recently, I used an app in my phone to check for some restaurants in the place. It’s becoming more convenient nowadays to look for anything with the use of a mobile app.

Adlers Gasthaus food

It’s more quiet and away from the bustling crowd in the city. The food is simple yet delectable. And it gives you a feeling like your a local. The ambience is quite laid back though the facilities are selectively modern. This food at the Adlers Gasthaus restaurant in Germany was very satisfying for me.

Adlers restaurant dessert

Adlers Gasthaus (Guest House) is a small hotel located in the countryside of Germany. When my mobile app showed the name hubby knew it’s a guest house and he thought there might be a restaurant for the guests. We didn’t book a room there but we were welcomed to dine. Luckily, it was the right place to stop by to eat.

Adlers food dessert

It’s not easy to remember the name of the food we ate but how we’re satisfied was the most important. It’s a place we would recommend for those passing by Germany on a road trip.

Adlers Gasthaus Germany

Unfortunately, the GPS did not work well in the area so we could not give the exact address of Adlers Gasthaus but it’s in Achern, Germany. Hubby found the address on the restaurant bill we kept and here it is:
Gasthaus Adler
Rathausstrasse 5
77855 Achern/Önsbach


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    Hey Marlene,

    You and your husband are just lucky people you get to travel around the world. Right? Or maybe get to travel more than regular people like me could do. I someday would like to travel. These food looks really delicious and I could almost smell them.

    And so your blog is mainly about TRAVELLING right? The niche is TRAVEL. This is wonderful. Anyway, just saying a quick hello. And I hope to hear from you soon.

    I hope you have a very cool weekday. It’s been very hot here lately. Just takes my breath away. But thank God for fans and air condition at night.

    Angela McCall recently posted..You are the Product: Your Brain is the SoilMy Profile

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      Marlene says

      Hello Angela, thanks for your kind words. Oh, we just travel when we have time (and money) and we like doing it when we’re free from work. It’s actually my hubby who likes traveling.

      This blog is not actually about travel when I started it but since I post more travels these past years, I thought of having travel as a niche but it’s not definite yet.

      Yay, our fans are on non-stop, too. But the summer weather here in Sweden is kind of unpredictable. :)

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