Decorative Pumpkins for Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner and some children can’t really wait to dress up scary. I always prepare goodies and candies just in case they come to ring the doorbell and rant “trick or treat?” in chorus. I’m not used to decorating my home for halloween but a tint of orange or yellow as a decoration is absolutely welcome. When I went grocery shopping the other day I spotted these small decorative pumpkins on sale and thought they were cute.

Decorative small pumpkins

These decorative small pumpkins are good enough for me to adorn my table or windowsill. Perhaps carving a ghostly face will do, though small faces. I’ve seen a lot of big or giant pumpkins in the neighborhood so this is for a change – small pumpkins!

May you all have a scary but enjoyable Halloween!

~ Mellow Yellow Monday ~


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