Coins Are Forever

We don’t have any intention of becoming a coin collector nor a numismatist. These coins are what we’ve kept from our travels, mostly on road trips, when we needed loose change for tollgates and small snacks. It seems as though we become coin collectors in the end. But not numismatists since we are not studying about currency and other payment systems. These coins led me to memories when hubby and I traveled for the first time. It was the time when euro wasn’t the currency of many countries in Europe yet, hence these coins from different nations. Some of them are no longer in use these days when the countries later voted for euro.

Coin collection - European coins

Can you see which coins belong to what country? These coins are like diamonds, they last forever even when they’re not in use anymore. They may not be as valuable as diamonds are, but the memories and histories behind them are worth a treasure.

Coins collection - European coins

These are the coins that’s been replaced by euro: German mark, Italian lire, Austrian schilling and the one from Netherlands.


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    I also have the habit to collect coins to across world.I love to do it.Sometime people demand me these by paying more money but I always denied.Because its priceless.I have huge collection.Great to read here good info about.

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    That is really cool, I keep currency for the areas I have traveled to as well, it quite fun to look back at the memories.

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    My father has a coin collection too, but I think it was lost because of the flood.
    PS: Nice New Theme… It’s been a long time since I visited your blog.

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