Advent Is Here Again

Advent in Sweden

Quite a late post about the start of Advent observation here but it has just started and just one of the four candles has been lighted. This is one event in this country that I don’t want to miss. Each year I spend time preparing my place for Advent. My kitchen window will always look [...]

Welcomed With French Macarons

French Macarons

To be honest, I hadn’t eaten these small, bite-sized dessert until a few months ago when we entered our room at Sheraton Hotel in Stockholm. I didn’t even know it was called French Macarons. I learned the name on Pinterest when I saw some pinned photos which I thought kind of well-known to me. I thought they’re just plain cookies but when I [...]

Decorative Pumpkins for Halloween

Decorative small pumpkins

Halloween is just around the corner and some children can’t really wait to dress up scary. I always prepare goodies and candies just in case they come to ring the doorbell and rant “trick or treat?” in chorus. I’m not used to decorating my home for halloween but a tint of orange or yellow as a [...]

Food Processor – The Kitchen Helper?

Kenwood Food Processor

It was in the newspaper a few days ago that a food processor was among the list of not-so-popular must have home companions. I wasn’t surprised to learn this fact because I, myself, have been thinking to purchase a food processor and yet I haven’t own one. It’s not a thing that I remember dearly when I visit the [...]

Free Ticket to The Book Fair

Things at the book fair

It wasn’t priceless to go to the book fair but my workplace shouldered the 220 SEK for a ticket. My colleague and I went to the annual Göteborg Book Fair at Svenska Mässan to use the free tickets provided us. It was my first time to see the fair though I know it takes place every year. We went around to find [...]

When Summer Is Gone

kitchen plant

When summer starts my summer break starts but when summer ends and gone I’m back at work again. Though summer isn’t through yet I’m already busy working on my class schedule and all. Meetings here and there. Preparing this and that. Students will start filling the classrooms next week. It indicates the start of another [...]

Badly Need A Handheld Vacuum

Black & Decker handheld vacuum

I wish I had “walis” (broom) to easily sweep my floor everytime I needed. The vacuum cleaner I have is quite robust and it’s a hassle taking it and putting it back in the storage. When I saw this handheld vacuum cleaner I didn’t thought I would be needing it but…