Canon PowerShot SX260 HS It Is!

Browsing a camera catalogue is alluring especially when it comes directly in my home mailbox. I thought I would not fall for compact digital cameras anymore because of its short battery life. But when I saw the Canon PowerShot S110 in my catalogue I immediately showed it to hubby and told him I needed a smaller camera. Without my knowledge he went to the store and checked on it. He brought me to the same store and he said he found another model that doesn’t have WiFi and no touch screen but it has better zoom. Here it is.

Canon PowerShot SX260 HS

My new photography gear! The Canon PowerShot SX260 HS which he bought on my birthday. Sweet! It has a GPS function and a Smart Shutter that detects faces (smiles) and automatically shoots by itself. I have tried it. It’s cool! Since I’ve been using Canon PowerShot G7, finding the settings and other modes is quite easy. Though this SX260 shows a description of selected shooting method.

20x Zoom - Canon PowerShot SX260

The 20x-zoom lens is awesome and useful when taking photos on travels. I discovered another method that’s quite interesting, too – the Live Control View that allows me to adjust the brightness, color and tone before hitting the shutter. And of course, what I want more is the full HD video shooting.


Above is a sample pic I took today at the restaurant. It’s resized but the original size is 4000 x 3000. Focal lenght: 40.3 mm. Eventually I learn to set my own aperture, shutter speed and ISO with this camera. Hopefully.


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    HeLLo Marlene,

    I am into smaller cameras too. I find smaller cameras are handy. Please don’t laugh at me when I said that I have never heard of a camera with WiFi. However, last few days, i think i saw an advertisement about a digicam with a WiFi created by Samsung. I wonder how it works and why WiFi is included in a camera.

    The features on Canon Powershot SX260 seems interesting. 20X zoom? How’s the vibration reduction? Cool? But I like that this camera allows you to control some of its specialties like the brightness, color and tone.

    That day, I almost bought a Sony camera because of its “Panoramic feature” but I still keep the idea on hold, because I’m still surveying for other digicams. Anyway, thanks for sharing.

    P/s: Have a blessed birthday!

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      Marlene says

      Thanks a lot, Willie. Sorry for a late reply, been busy with releasing grades here.

      I’m loving my little camera. Yes, there are cameras with WiFi ready now but hubby and I think it’s not important for us so preferred this one with GPS. I was eye-ing for that Samsung Galaxy cam but it’s too pricey for a digicam. You may want to check the Sony HX20. I forgot why hubby didn’t choose it.

      Oh, I just have to try the stitch assist in taking panorama images with my camera.

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