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5 December 2010By 9 Comments

I got an idea when I saw the snow in my balcony today. It seems that winter is kind of harsh this time and snowfall is like everyday, I might as well enjoy and make use of its presence in my balcony. I had tried to put a bottle of Coke once in there when I forgot to put it in the refrigerator and I needed the drink at dinner. It got chilled faster than in the ref so it’s something useful with the cold weather, anyhow. And look what I have in my plant hanger.

white wine in my plant hanger

A bottle of wine in my plant hanger

Oh, yeah, a bottle of white wine! I’m sure you’d agree with me that white wines are best when chilled. I like it intensely chilled, anyway. It was chilled in minutes so I think the best time to put it in the balcony next time is before dinner or while food is being prepared. White wines are good to drink with fish and seafood dishes. It goes well with chicken dishes, too. 


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  1. Di pa ako nakakatikim ng white wine hanggang ngayon. Beer, brandy, at whiskey pa lang yun natitikman ko.

  2. sarah says:

    That’s my kind of plant.

  3. White wine are the best. Although red wine talaga ang popular.

  4. VC says:

    I like white wine although red wine is more popular.

  5. I guess, am not old enough to think about this drink. :D :D

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