All We Need Is Food

We thought our final gathering at work this time would be uninteresting since we were told that the administration would not be treating us a free Christmas smorgasbord (julbord). We were instead told to have potluck, which sounded more or less pleasing to everyone. But it turned out to be a smorgasbord (smörgåsbord) of international food culture.

Smorgasbord of different food

From pasta to pirogue, spring rolls to bread rolls. I wish I could eat all these but I had managed just some to suit my palate. They all looked enticing.

Christmas food gathering at work

This part here looked so Asian, except that pasta with pepper, I think. And the ginger cookies (pepparkakor) found its place on the table, too.

Smörgåsbord at work

Our group was the last one to take the food but there was more than enough left on the table after the five groups had eaten. We might not have taken all the food but undoubtedly no one went home starved after that simple gathering. I can’t imagine how much it cost for the administration to feed 200+ employees and for small organizations like ours the point of change is apprehensible.

Colleagues at work

We don’t mind having potluck party next time or many times. It was fun eating other culture’s food. After all in a gathering, all we need is food to make us happy and satisfied.


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