Advent Is Here Again

Quite a late post about the start of Advent observation here but it has just started and just one of the four candles has been lighted. This is one event in this country that I don’t want to miss. Each year I spend time preparing my place for Advent. My kitchen window will always look like this…

Advent in Sweden

I lighted the first candle last Sunday and let it lighted till about 4-5 cm down before blowing out. The Advent candlestick lights my windows beautifully especially now that darkness starts early and ends late the next day. In other words we’re getting a short daylight in early winter. But Advent is my way of thinking that darkness has its end and lighter days will soon come. Anyway, the real reason of observing Advent here is the countdown to Christmas. The four candles in the candlestick represent the four Sundays before Christmas. Each Sunday one candle is lighted and on the final Sunday they’re all lighted at the same time.

Advent is observed in many countries but in different ways. I would love to hear how you celebrate it in your side of the world.


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      Marlene says

      We don’t have this kind of a tradition in the Philippines, too. We do celebrate Advent but in a different way.

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